January 16, 2022 21:00

So it begins

The launch of the BuildYourBike website

What happened today should be considered a launch of this website. I implemented a basic set of features and submitted first weight weenies road bike components with the weights I found on the internet. More components are yet to be added!

Anyway, here's what you can do now on the BuildYourBike website:

  • Search through road bike components and filter them by category. Very convenient if you're looking for something particular. Just type Cannondale, select Frames category and you'll see a bunch of iconic CAAD12, SupersSix, and such.
  • Sort the components by manufacturer, series, model, year, weight, and price range. Want to find the very lightest road bike fork? Just select Forks category and use the dropdown nearby to sort the forks by weight. Enjoy your results.
  • If you think that some data for a component is wrong or missing you can leave an improvement request and describe what should be fixed. See the small icon button in the first column of each component in the table. Your request will be processed, hopefully soon. The same button also works when you simply want to see a detailed page of the component.
  • Via dropdown on the top right corner of the table, you can display columns with additional data or hide the ones that are not interesting to you. As you can see, tables can be huge. So instead of scrolling left and right better focus on the data you really need.
  • Last but not least, you can submit your own components to the website! By doing so you will share your experience with other fellow weight weenies and maybe more people will learn about this cool component they could use in their bike project. Want to submit one right now? Then use the form here.

This all started as a tool that would help me with building my first weight weenies bike. But who knows, maybe it will also help other people around the world with their weight weenies projects.